Runtime – 116 Min.
writer – Bob Gale.
960166 Vote.
directed by – Robert Zemeckis.
Country – USA

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Just thinking about it now, I think i’ll have to break out the DVD box set.
It is also one of just a few films unspoiled by its sequels, even if II did loose a little in story depth, III helps to just bring them all together.
I first caught Back To The Future when i was very young, one Christmas at home. I was only born in 81, so i was hooked from early childhood.
Another element for me is the iconic Delorean, being a car fan i think its a great choice, and at about 5 years old it just looks amazing! I have read one of the early release scripts from about 84, where the Delorean was going to be an RV, and the Doc was a womaniser. I’m very glad it did not come out that way.

Back To The Future (1985) is my all time favourite science-fiction comdey movie. It’s a thoroughly feel good film, accessible to all ages and enjoyable from the 1st to the 45th(Yes that’s how many times I watched it! time of watching and never fails to bring a smile. Humour for all ages and a kick-ass DeLorean car to boot, what more could a young kid want? Or those young at heart.

The combination of Lloyd and Michael J Fox is inspired, with the youthful cheek of Marty and the crazy flare of the Doc. Every scene is full of rich acting, maybe not the heavy Oscar winning performances, but i think better, in that it just feels real. I will never get tired of how Fox can act so naturally.


From Marty’s “Johnny B Goode” to Doc’s classic quote “Run For It Marty! You’ll find that even though you know what’s coming next, you’ll still laugh. It is the ultimate feel good movie, the weed overcomes the bully, the dreamers wishes come true and all because a nosey old bird thrusts for a nickel “Save The Clock Tower.
I have to say that i never have got bored of this film, no matter how many old VHS tapes i wore out through watching. With the sound off i could tell you every word, and hum along to every tune.